26 jullet 2022

The company Déco Brésil participates in Brazilian modernism: sustainable modernity with its own narratives. We are the messengers of those who for many years were silenced in our harsh colonization process.

Déco Brésil was founded by a French-Brazilian couple sensitive to social and natural changes, the company is dedicated to promoting sustainable commerce in Brazil, with a special focus on the Amazon in priority conservation areas. The potential, strength and richness of this country are always present.

Photo:  Maria Domithila Marcello e Paul Sepaniak no festival "A world... Of Cultures: From the Andes to Tierra del Fuego" em Saint Gratien, França.

Who are the owner's story and what motivated them to start the business

The owners of the brand: an architect and urban planner Maria Domithila Marcello and the entrepreneur Paul Sepaniak both always engaged with social causes, in 2019 created Déco Brésil during the period of covid 19, in a transition of change between Brazil and France in 2019.  « It is no secret that Brazil has many natural resources, but what we want to show with Déco Brésil is that it is possible to promote sustainable business in Brazil, in the Amazon in priority areas of conservation: with guarantee of origin, transparency, traceability of the production chain and promote ethical trade.» 

What abourt the challenges the business & market is facing?

The biggest challenge we are facing is the unfamiliarity of the Europeans with Brazilian products. With Déco Brésil, everyone can continue at his level to a social, solidarity and eco-responsible economy. Indeed, with a wide range of products such as creams, interior decoration pieces, amazonian peppers or works of art, there is something for every home and every budget. The artistic, culinary and artisanal treasures of Brazil are still unknown, which is why Deco Brazil would like to promote these products in an immersive showroom in the Paris region. They would like to make discover the products and share the history of Brazil which is so rich.


The opportunities the business & market is facing !

With a concrete impact on the country's economy and environment, Déco Brésil works tirelessly to preserve, protect and help, always keeping in mind that consuming differently will help build a better world. They accompany several villages of the Huni Kuin people in the state of Acre (Brazilian Amazon) by developing technological infrastructures such as internet access, but also educational and cultural.

Photo : Flying Rivers by Guilherme Meneghelli, regenerative Amazon forest, collection Déco Brésil launched at the first event Amazonie Immersive Bruxelles 2022, at the cultural center TALK C.E.C.

Amazonie Immersive: a concept to inform, unite, share and preserve

The founders do not only wish to make discover their products, but a real relation to the living that inspires them the original peoples of Amazonia from which come a large part of their products. To this end, they created the "Amazonie Immersive" (Immersive Amazon) concept in 2022 to make the world aware of Brazil's environmental issues. Thanks to Amazon Immersive, Déco Brésil develops and raises awareness of various Brazilian actors and European markets through fairs, markets, but also immersive events and educational workshops.


And finally , any advice to others about business ?

As we said in the beginning, we are here for something bigger, we do not believe that a small company acting alone today, facing a cartel of big greenwashing companies, will be able to sustain itself for a long time. This is a good tip, at Déco Brésil we are looking for partners from all continents who want to grow together, in a respectful manner and with actions that respect the planet, and consequently humanity and animals.



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